Beauty and Beau Revue

It was an evening of fancy dresses, suits and ties and most importantly, big smiles as T\the Southeast Elementary Beauty and Beau Review was held on March 26, 2020.  We are so proud of all the beautiful young ladies and handsome gentlemen who participated!  The winners were: 
3rd alternates: Delilah Bartlett & John Michael Pratt
2nd alternates: Sadie Burnham & Brooks MasseyPreK boy and girl ready for Beauty Revue
1st alternates: Oakleigh Davis & Blaine Graham
Most Beautiful: M.E. Dial
Most Handsome: John Brock Chaney

1st grade:
3rd alternates: Steven Webb & Aivley Brooks, Madison Coker & Makayla Williams
2nd alternates: Jackson Wright & Jillian Watson
1st alternates: Wilson Smith & Autumn Jennings
Most Beautiful: Kinley Yeager
Most Handsome: Lake McGraw

2nd grade:
3rd alternates: Colbie Rice & Logan Litchfield
2nd alternates: Nia Jenkins & Montrez Burton
1st alternates: Annleigh Butler & Mason Pratt
Most Beautiful: Alli Kinard
Most Handsome: T.K. Rutledge

3rd grade:
3rd alternates: Mary Grace Castillo & Bryce Henry
2nd alternates: Isabella Castillo
1st alternates: Caroline Wells & Sophia Williams & Jax Griffith
Most Beautiful: AnnaKate Butler
Most Handsome: Reid Henry

4th grade
3rd alternate: Kaylee Evans
2nd alternate: Julia Reece
1st alternate: Khloe Maxwell
Most Beautiful: Anna Rae Carney
Most Handsome: Grey West