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Southeast Elementary School is committed to meeting the unique needs of our military families and students. We are committed to partnering with our military families to address the transitional challenges. As a military family, we appreciate the many sacrifices you make for our communities and nation. We recognize the importance of your service and are here to help with your transition to our school district. 

Southeast Elementary School students honor and recognize military members during the Veteran’s Day Program in collaboration with the Southeast High School. The Fourth Graders attend the program and the other students create thank you cards and letters for the veterans. The students also create Valentine’s Day cards to be delivered to veterans at the hospital in Jackson.

If you have any questions about our military family programs, please contact the school at (601) 486-2500.

The Council of State Governments (CSG), in cooperation with the Department of Defense, drafted the Compact to address some of the educational challenges transitioning children of military families face. The Compact addresses key educational transition issues including enrollment, placement, attendance, eligibility, and graduation. In addition, the Compact provides for a detailed governance structure at both the state and national levels with built-in enforcement and compliance mechanisms. 
MIC3 Mississippi State Commissioner
Kristen Windham  (601) 941-7353
Military Interstate Children’s Compact Commission (MIC3)
National Office  (859) 244-8000
Military Family’s Guide to School Transition

NAS Meridian, Mississippi

Larry Mullins, [email protected]

Office: (601) 679-2473 

Cell: (601) 479-2025

The Military Interstate Children’s Compact Commission (MIC3) applies to active-duty members of the armed forces and National Guard/Reserve members on Title 10 orders. The Compact allows for the uniform treatment of military students alongside their civilian peers.

Lauderdale County School District provides the following documents to its students and families with regard to academic planning. Peachjar Flyers are announcements and information for students and families in the Lauderdale County School District.


Military One Source
Resources for youth and teens include: School Liaison Program, Parenting resources, DoD Education Activity, Installation Youth Programs, Military Kids Connect, Operation Purple Camp, DoD MWR Libraries, and Non-Medical Counseling.





Paper is a tutoring service that students are able to access through their student Canvas account.


Exceptional Student Education Services


IDEA Individuals with Disabilities Education Act Resources



When you have a family member with special needs, you may have special considerations that require additional steps or resources to care for your family. Exceptional Family Member Program Family Support is here to help-- assisting with special education, financial planning, child-care and much more to help your family thrive.

Students of military families often experience multiple stressors before and during their parent’s deployment and when they come home. Without appropriate mental health support systems, children of military personnel may be at a significant disadvantage compared with their peers in non-military families. Military students are resilient but there are resources available to help.

What is the counselor’s role in the school?
Lauderdale County School Counselors take part in everyday school activities and events. They are available to support students and are also available to facilitate groups and trainings to build leadership skills, manage anger, build self-esteem and confidence and strengthen communication
Do counselors keep records about students and families?
Services provided by counselors are private and confidential with the exception of mandatory federal and military reporting requirements (i.e., child abuse, domestic violence and other life-threatening situations). No counseling records are maintained.


Weems Mental Health
Lauderdale County partners with WEEMS Mental Health Service to provide counseling services to students.
Contact 601-483-7377 to start services.
Weems is located at 1415 College Drive in Meridian, MS.

Military Star School Contact Information

Southeast Lauderdale Elementary School
Makenzie Woodward (601) 486-2500

MIC3 Mississippi State Commissioner
Kristen Windham  (601) 941-7353
Military Interstate Children’s Compact Commission (MIC3)
National Office  (859) 244-8000
NAS Meridian - Larry Mullins, [email protected]
Office: (601) 679-2473  Cell: (601) 479-2025