Welcome Back: Students review expectations and Mr. Powell has a special video for families.

Students returned to school on January 6th (A-K) and 7th (L-Z).  The administration, faculty and staff spent some time reviewing the expectations in the classroom, cafeteria, playground, bus and car rider line.  They also practiced fire, weather and lockdown drills to remember what we do in case of emergency. We are excited to have everyone back on January 10th and to get busy learning! 
Mr. Powell's video for famiies
Fourth grade and first grade reviewing cafeteria expectations 
4th grade students.     First graders in the cafeteria line
Kindergarten walking quietly from the cafeteria to their classroom and reviewing PE expectations with Coach Bailey 
Kindergarten Students in line     Kindergarten students in line .   Kindergarten students reviewing PE expectations with Coach Bailey
Second graders reviewing car rider expectations 
Second grade students
Students practicing the procedure for a fire drill 
Students on the playground
Students on the playground for a fire drill